About Us

Our founder, a US Army war veteran, was admitted to an intensive inpatient care program at the War Heroes Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado mid-career. To most, he appeared as a healthy, mentally and physically strong individual. However, the truth is that he was hiding multiple ailments, syndromes and disabilities. The majority of these were treated with pharmaceutical medicines. Thirteen different pills daily to be exact! Upon discharge from the military, a fellow veteran with similar issues suggested to give hemp a try.

Our founder discovered that it worked and the goal was accomplished: decreasing pharmaceutical intake. Due to the legalities of hemp in the United States at the time, this at-home remedy also remained a secret. With the growing sense of responsibility to share his story and help others who may be suffering silently like he was for years, the idea for Achelois was born…

Achelois was started with the intent to make hemp flower products more accessible and affordable as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicine. We have one main goal: providing the best legal hemp bi-products at the most affordable prices.

Our team is currently spread across the USA and consists of multiple US Military Veterans. All of our products are sourced from American farms using only USDA organic practices. Starting with flower, we have expand our branded products to also include edibles.

Our greatest hope is for everyone to get the most out of life, organically!